USer manual

manual and Safety warnings


Please read through the guide before you use out product.

1. Clean the aquarium before filling it with water.

2. Fill up the aquarium until the indicated level.

3. Turn on the power of the electronic devices (water pump, light, air pump and SMART System).

4. User can visit our website ( to check water quality (pH, turbidity and temperature) and surveillance the aquarium with webcam.

5. fill up the Automated feeding machine then connect it to battery and it will start working.


Sensors and Monitoring System

1. The temperature sensors and turbidity sensors is ready to use once the monitoring system booted up.

2. pH sensors need to be calibrated back to neutral pH (pH 7.0) by immersed it in the KCL solution for 8 hours if it is first time use/ after no use it for long period.

3. After booted up the SMART system, to check water parameters, you can check it directly from a screen that direct connect to Raspberry PI, or use your gadget go to the website:

*(ATTENTION: Need internet connection)


Automated Feeding Machine

1. User can set timing to feed their fish by computer.

2. After setting up the timer, ensure the cap is closed.

3. Fill up automated feeding machine container with suitable fish food.

4. Put is above the aquarium (ensure it cap is inside the area of aquarium).

5. When time up, the cap will be opened to release the food inside to the aquarium.


Cleaning Instruction
With the aid of bio and debris filter system, the period to clean the aquarium is prolonged. But, we still strongly suggested user to clean the aquarium at least one time for 4-6 months.

1. Removed the 30% of dirty water using water pump provided.

2. Shut down the power source.

3. Use a sponge to gently rub on the surface of the tank to removed dirty stain.

4. Take out the bio filer plastic balls and clean them with clean water.

5. Take out the plastic fabric in the fabric filter, clean it with clean water to remove residue on it.

6. After all of this, put everything backs to its position then refill with clean water until indicated height.

7. Add anti-chlorine according to instruction given on the bottle to remove chlorine of water.


Safety and warning

1. Check water quality parameters regularly to ensure the water environment always maintain at the requirement.

2.  Once received alert from the SMART system about abnormal readings from the sensors, quickly check the condition of the aquarium, or check the functionality of sensors (malfunction).

3. Check the socket periodically with a test pen to avoid electricity leakage.

4. Check the condition of aquarium tank to avoid water leakage, if any water leakage discovered, remove the water immediately and shut down the system.

5. If any of the component has failed to work properly, replace it with a new one, recycle old component reusable part to avoid wastage.

6. Keep aquarium with a certain distance to the power source to avoid electric shock cause by water.

7. Avoid water contact with Raspberry PI and Arduino board controller, they are non-waterproof, once contact with water will cause failure to the system.