USer manual

manual and Safety warnings


Please read through the guide before you use out product.

1. Strap the Velcro strap onto the shoulder.

2. Attached the "Brain" of the Braille Translator to the Velcro Strap.

3. Adjust the length of the wire to fit the length of your arm accordingly.

4. Grip the foam ball and place your thumb on the solenoid pins to read the braille text.

5. To operate the braille translator, use any communication device with a Bluetooth terminal to connect to the braille translator’s Bluetooth device.

6. When connecting to the braille translator's Bluetooth terminal, HC-06, for the first time, a configuration password is required.

Configuration password: 1234

7. Once the devices are connected via Bluetooth, text messages can be sent from the communication device to the braille translator. The braille translator will translate the text message letter by letter by using the solenoid pins to make braille texts for the user to feel with their thumb.

Safety and warning

1. Prevent from prolonged usage of the braille translator as the solenoids may start to overheat.

2. Avoid sudden movements or any actions that will disrupt the main body of the braille translator as it might disrupt the internal circuitry of the body which could cause the wires to burn and the circuit to malfunction.

3. Keep the braille translator from being in contact with water or any wet surfaces as is it not entirely waterproof.

4. If the solenoids start to overheat, temporarily stop using the braille translator to prevent harm on the user and damage on the device.



The application that we used currently available on Android only. Below are the link directly to Google Play Store, for you to download the application.


video guide

The following video shows the brief concepts on the Braille Translator with guide on using it.